The Rendezvous is a luxury boarding cattery situated in a peaceful location in Powys, just a few miles from the Shropshire border.  The cattery is owned and run by Leigh O’Connor. Leigh has been involved with cats for many years having bred and shown Maine Coons and been actively involved with various cat clubs. She works on the basis that each cat is an individual, and has different needs, likes and dislikes. Some cats enjoy lots of physical contact – stroking, grooming etc; some love you to play with them whilst others would rather be left in peace. Leigh aims for each cat in her care to be relaxed, happy and comfortable and for owners to be able to go away from home knowing that their family pet is safe and well cared for.


The pens at The Rendezvous are extremely spacious and the largest can accommodate families of up to four cats with ease.  Toys are provided and the radio is always on in the background. Heated beds are used if it is a bit cold and for cats that are elderly or a bit frail.

At The Rendezvous we offer only good quality, branded cat food – for example Whiskas and Felix pouches along with Iams, Go Cat and Whiskas Complete dry food. If your cat is on a special diet you can bring it with you and be assured that your feeding instructions will be followed. We have a large freezer for storing food if your cat is fed a fresh meat diet.

Although we provide them, we do encourage owners to bring any beds, blankets or toys that their pet is particularly attached to, as the scent of home can be comforting.

All cats coming to stay at The Rendezvous must be vaccinated and a valid certificate produced on arrival. Leigh is experienced in administering medication including giving insulin injections, so if your cat has a chronic, non-contagious condition you can rest assured that any medication regime is maintained. Should a cat require veterinary attention every effort is made to contact and use the cat’s usual vet. If that is not possible we are lucky to be very close to an excellent practice.